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About Employers Assistance New Zealand

EAL is an employer organisation established in 1995 to provide practical and effective HR, employment relations and labor law solutions to the problems facing NZ employers in business today.

When establishing the Company we talked to employers and saw that in the multitude of laws and advice employers obtained from professionals there was a lot saying what not to do but very little that was of real value to the business owner telling them actually what to do - how to do it and providing the tools to do it with.

We developed a simple business philosophy. Just tell employers what they need to know and what they need to do to avoid costly management and legal mistakes when engaging, managing and dismissing staff.

Having in excess of one thousand clients New Zealand wide and selling many more products, books, systems and software we can bring a wealth of pragmatic experience and solutions to your business.

The product and services range expanded to now encompass a full line-up of employment products and services including a legal employment phone advice hotline and a cloud based online 'Employers Toolbox'. All this facilitated through easy to understand systems and advice providing the business owner true value for money by minimising the time spent on compliance & procedural employment issues.

Nothing in our systems or products disadvantages employees – they have been written to encourage employers to act both fairly and within the law.

With a very dynamic and focused team of 7 staff we have a very strong and experienced legal department comprising of highly qualified people ready to take your call. Get the best HR, Employment and Labor Law advice for your business.

The Employers Assistance Team

Employers Assistance interview with Geoff Bryan from Chris Bowden on Vimeo.

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