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Employment Contract Creator

PC Software
Current version : 2.11
Fully customised Employment Contract Agreements at a click of a button!

The Employment Contracts Creator (ECC) is a PC based software package which enables you to create your employment contracts with ease. Starting with a comprehensive contract, simply 'untick' any clauses you don't want, add in a few required details (hours of work, pay rate etc.), and the software does the rest for you.
ECC is your complete tool for creating every type of employment contract. Designed specifically for the New Zealand market and the Employment relations Act 2000.

Employment Agreement templates include :
  • Full length - permanent full time
  • Full length - permanent part time
  • Full length - fixed term
  • Short form - permanent full time
  • Short form - permanent part time
  • Short form - fixed term
  • Casual employment
  • Employee handbook
  • Contractors agreements - For Service & Labour only
A new version of the ECC has been developed following changes in case law and best practices and our legal team has extensively rewritten our Agreements including all Individual Employment Agreements, Independent Contractor Agreements and our Employee Handbook.
  • Changes to the 90 Day Trial Period, when it takes effect, how to use it and how to avoid the pitfalls.
  • ECC now includes templated Contractors agreements for clients who wish to put an agreement in place with a contractor (there are contract templates for services and also for labour),
  • Detailed additional information on the process for presenting offers of employment agreements for Job Candidates,
  • How to negotiate and put an employment agreement in place for an existing Employee, if they have never had one. What to do if the employee refuses to discuss or sign the agreement.
  • How to negotiate and put a replacement employment agreement in place for an existing employee
  • How to make and formalise a variation to an Employee’s existing employment agreement
  • Also includes alterations to the signoff section of the employment agreement that the agreement overrides any previous discussions.
  • Job Descriptions database. Over 200 position descriptions to include in your Agreements.
We pride ourselves in providing Employers and Business owners with the most comprehensive Agreements. The best protection in employment dispute situations begins with having the best Agreement in place with your staff. To this end our team of industry experienced and qualified specialists constantly look to improve our Agreements in line with legislation, what is happening in the courts and what offers our clients the best protection.
  1. Full Time, Part Time, Fixed Term and Casual Full Length Individual Employment Agreements;
  2. Full Time, Part time and Fixed Term Short Form Individual Employment Agreements;
  3. Employee Handbook; and
  4. Independent Contractor Agreements for Services and Labour.
The major change is the introduction of a "Statement of Personal Terms" in Schedule 1 of the agreements. All variable information such as salary, notice periods, start date etc is now contained within 1 page. Previously this information had to be entered throughout the body of the agreement. There is also professional formatting for ease of reference as well as changes to the order of the documents for simplicity. In the Individual Employment Agreements, there are now discrete clauses on:
  1. Deductions;
  2. Reimbursement for Training Expenses;
  3. Employee Obligations;
  4. Assistance with Litigation;
  5. Unpaid Suspensions;
  6. Drugs and Alcohol; and
  7. Whistleblowing.
The Employee Handbook also has innovative and revised clauses on:
  1. Introduction and Purpose;
  2. Military Service;
  3. Breastfeeding;
  4. Discrimination;
  5. Sexual Harassment;
  6. Bullying;
  7. Personnel Files; and
  8. The Privacy Act 1993.
Lastly, the Independent Contractor Agreements contain further protection for intellectual property and to avoid the disclosure of confidential information.

Documents provided in the software includes:
- Putting Employment Agreements in place for Job Candidates
- Putting Employment Agreements in place for existing employees
- Reasons for letter of offer

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  • Proven systems - used by in excess of 10,000 businesses nationwide
  • Your advantage - you control the documentation with employees, the Employment Contracts Creator does the whole process for you
  • Simple to use - requires only basic computer knowledge
  • Create any contracts you wish - Permanent / Part time / Casual - Fixed Term
  • Customise - simply tick the box on the clauses you want to include
  • Help notes - explanation in plain words the purpose of each clause available for a contract
  • Comprehensive and Professional - endorsed by our qualified legal team of employment law specialists
.Net Framework
This software is design for the Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5
If you PC does not have this installed our software will automatically download it for you.
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