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A System of Redundancy

Given that redundancies are a dismissal, employers need a comprehensive system at hand to manage:

1.The decision process
2.The selection process
3.The distress caused to the employee
4.The assistance programme
5.Originating a Redundancy Package other than money
6.The process of the meetings
7.The recording and reporting process
8.The dismissal process

Please note:
  • It is a dismissal
  • Nobody loses their job without experiencing considerable distress
  • Redundancies must be carried out following due process
  • The Employer's aim should be to position themselves to be able to prove they acted in a fair and legal way
  • Because a redundancy is no fault of the employee it is advisable the process used is strictly fair and the employer has assisted the employee during and after the dismissal
  • It is the position that is made redundant not the employee
  • The law (determination) is heavily weighted in favour of employees
Due Process
1.The possibility of the redundancy taking place needs to be put to the employee as far in advance as possible. Employers need letters on file to prove this
2.It requires a meetings process and proof
3.It requires a consultation process and proof of same
4.It requires a comprehensive written selection process
5.It requires a written plan of assistance offered

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