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Our Services

Employment Law Advice

The 0800 Legal Hotline is staffed by experienced and qualified employment relations professionals.
Call the support hotline for immediate advice on any aspect of Employment Law. How to apply it and how it applies to you.
The intention is to avoid and/or mitigate costly personal grievances by following the correct processes and procedures.
The topics can range from hiring to firing. Some examples of the regular subjects include;
  • 90 Day Trial Periods
  • ACC Payments
  • KiwiSaver and Remuneration
  • Parental Leave Entitlements
  • Pay and Observance
  • Redundancies
  • Disciplinary Actions
  • Medical Incapacity
  • Damage to Employers' Plant
  • Harassment/Bullying in the Workplace
  • Alternative Holidays
  • Assistance with Restructuring
  • Leave
  • Annual Holidays
  • Employee to Employee Incompatibility
  • Assistance with Disciplinary Procedures
  • Personal Grievances
  • Lateness

Employment Relations Services

Employment relations services include both formal and informal attendances and cover all aspects of required attendances in the employment law arena.
Whether it be training, dispute resolution, dismissals and disciplinary or redundancy and restructuring, termination, Union meetings, contract negotiations or performance reviews. we can assist.
The following are examples of the services.
  • HR Audits, Review of all existing Employment Agreements, Policies & Documents Relating to the Employment of Staff
  • Pre-employment Questionnaires
  • Drafting Employment Agreements and Job Descriptions
  • Drafting of Workplace Policies
  • Training of Managers in the areas of Employment Law and HR
  • Assistance with Performance Reviews
  • Performance Management
  • Assistance with Discipline and Misconduct Issues
  • Handling of Personal Grievances
  • Settlement Agreements
  • Exit negotiations
  • Representation at Informal and Formal Mediations
  • Hearing (Employment Relations Authority)
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Writing/Customising Agreements and Contracts

EAL offers up to date employment agreement templates and contractors agreements. These are available to members in the Employers Toolbox Cloud, or for purchase by non-members.
We provide services relating to agreements.
We can also
  • Assist with Pre-Employment Questionnaires
  • Check your existing employment agreements and make amendments as necessary
  • Customise employee specific employment agreements
  • Check or preparation of job descriptions.
  • Provide, check or update contractor agreements for services and contractor agreements for labour
  • Draft secondment agreements
  • Prepare Training Bond Agreements
  • Assist with the introduction of Structured Bonuses

Health and Safety

The Health at Work Act prescribes a primary responsibility on Employers to take all practicable steps to ensure the safety of Employees while at work by providing and maintaining a safe and working environment for those Employees. The legislation is preventative in outlook which means that harm does not need to occur in order for liability under the Act to accrue. Owners and managers are personally accountable.
Through Employers Assistance you have available a very experienced OSH team. You can involve us to whatever extent you want with getting systems in place. Hazard identification, hazard management plans, training staff in what they need to know and do, training your safety officer and on-going support OR we can provide you with the tools to do it all yourself.
The variety of options regarding installing and implementing the systems of OSH make them affordable and they can be completed at the convenience of the business, thus saving money and time.
Let us give you an audit (a costs only fee) then send you a proposal on what your business needs for your consideration. At worst you will then know the exposure and risks your business faces.

Member Services

Our products and services are provided through affordable and convenient membership packages.
Starting from just $50 (+gst) per month businesses can access our services as needed and required.

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