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August 2014 Newsletter

Published 01 Aug 2014
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No Personal Grievance Available Once Settlement Has Been Reached

Where the parties in a dispute agree to terms in order to finalise their differences, a settlement has been effected. This is binding. 

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Health and Safety Reform Bill Plans To Put More Liability On Employers

Workers and other persons are to be given the highest level of protection against harm to their health, safety and welfare.

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Staff Working On Election Day To Be Given Paid Time Off To Vote

On the polling day of the election, Saturday 20th September 2014, an Employer is obliged to allow all their Employees who are electors and who have not had a reasonable opportunity to vote on Election Day. 

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New Employment Agreements

We have completed a major revamp of all our Employment Agreements. Following changes in case law and best practices our legal team has extensively rewritten our Agreements including all Individual Employment Agreements, Independent Contractor Agreements and Employee Handbook.
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Staff Performance Reviews New Feature

Staff Performance Reviews - Assessment Pages, download to Word feature now available. From a suggestion by several clients we have introduced this feature which allows users to download the assessment pages from a performance review from the Employers Toolbox....full story