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Employers Newsletter April 2022

Published 26 Apr 2022
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Fair Pay Agreements are coming

Fair Pay Agreements are now high on the agenda for the Government this year. If enacted this will represent the most significant change to employment and industrial relations in the last 30 years.

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Redundancy - it's all about process

Unfortunately it's a sign of the times, there's a tough business climate out there right now. Very few businesses remain totally unaffected and many are having to look seriously at margins, viability, restructuring and redundancies.

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Employers Toolbox Feature Review - Departments

Departments are a very useful feature in your Employers Toolbox which can be used in organising your staff structure, health & safety compliance and login security permissions.

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Minimum Wage has Increased

Please remember the minimum wage rate was raised again.

From Friday April 1st 2022, the minimum wage rates are:

Adult minimum: $21.20 per hour

Training and starting out: $16.96 per hour

Use our eSign platform in the Employers Toolbox to get affected staff signing off their variation letters quickly and easily!
For more information on minimum wage rates in New Zealand please see the following