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Employers Newsletter November 2018

Published 06 Nov 2018
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Is the room bugged?

The matter of voice recording and video or film recording of others, possibly without their knowledge or consent, is once again topical. Is it legal or admissible?...full story

Forkhoist accident costs company $272,000

An Auckland based transport & logistics company have been fined $272,000 by WorkSafe NZ following a workplace accident with a forkhoist. A truck driver collecting goods was struck by a reversing forkhoist and suffered several fractures to his left foot....full story

Justice not blind after all

Justice has prevailed in the ERA in the case of a pair of farm workers recklessly acquiring employment then lining up the employer for personal grievances when process gets breached.
...full story

Upcoming Public Holiday dates for xmas and 2019

A comprehensive list of the upcoming Public Holiday period over Christmas 2018 and going forwards the 2019 Calendar year including the provincial anniversary dates....full story