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Fixed Term Employment Contract

Designed specifically for the New Zealand market and the Employment  Relations Act 2000 (as amended). All our Employment  Agreements aim to maximise the protection of the Employer and their  business. However nothing in our Agreements is unfair or disadvantages the  Employee.

Recently updated in 2023 to cater for all the recent changes such as sick leave, bereavement leave, Employment Relations Amendment 2023 Act, 90 Day Trial periods, Probationary Periods, rest & meal breaks,Family Violence, force majeure, pandemics, rain offs and tsunamis, confidentiality and the Privacy Act in December 2020, and the extended time period for personal grievances.

Employee's rights are largely protected by law, the Employer's aren't. In a  dispute situation the onus of proof and cost of defence is often on the  Employer. Subsequent disciplinary or dismissal issues in the employment  relationship will require the parties to refer back to the Employment Agreement.  As an Employer you need to protect yourself and your business from the outset  with a comprehensive Employment Agreement.

By law Employers and Employees must have an Employment Agreement in place.  There are mandatory clauses required by the Act, some examples are:

  • Party information
  • Position
  • Duties
  • Place of work
  • Working hours
  • Type of pay
  • Public Holidays
  • Restructuring
  • Resolving Employment Relationship Problems

Compliant with latest legislation, legally correct and easy to use. All our Employment  Agreements are written by our experienced and  qualified in-house legal team.

Our Fixed term Employment Contract:

  • Includes detailed notes to assist with completion.
  • Is in MS Word docx format - Other formats are available upon  request.

We offer all types of Employment Agreements; Full Time, Part Time, Casual, Fixed Term and an Independent Contractors Agreement. If you are unsure which  type is best for you please contact us. The importance of using the correct type from  the outset is paramount. Once the candidate is employed it is too late. Courts  can void Employment Agreements in a dispute situation removing any protection the Employer thought they had.

A fixed term agreement can be used where the parties agree the employment is  for a definite period of time, or to cover a specified event. If you know the definite period of time, fill in commencement date, period and expiration  date.

If the employment is to cover a specified event complete the commencement  date, and the specified event (e.g. employment commences on 1 June 2023), to  cover a period of maternity leave and shall end when the employee on parental  leave returns from parental leave, or provides notice that she doesn’t intend to  return to work following parental leave (2 weeks notice of termination will be  provided in that event). 

If you do not know the exact date, you do need to specify how much advanced  notice you can provide of the end of the employment.
You also need to  include the genuine reason why this agreement is for a fixed term, e.g. “this  agreement is for a fixed term for the following reason(s)” 
e.g. you are  employed as a seasonal fruit picker and will not be required when the fruit has  been picked. e.g. this temporary role is intended as a parental leave cover, and  will not be required when the employee on parental leave returns to work.  

The reason must be a genuine business reason. A fixed term contract CANNOT be used to establish someone’s suitability for a job instead of a 90 Day Trial Period or a Probationary Period.

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