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Great Customer Service Guide

The contents of the book Great Customer Service follow;

Developing a Customer Service Approach for Your Business
Develop a Customer Service Policy that works
Understanding Your Customer Service Needs
Why Should Customers come first?
Who are your Customers?
What are your Customers’ Service Expectations
Ranking Customers into Service Groups
Customer Acquisition and Sales
Inbound Sales
Outbound Sales
Order Taking & Fulfilment
Sales Information Record
Lead Generation
Product Information Requests
Database Cleaning & Uploading
Up-sell and Cross-Sell Programs
Customer Care and Retention
Repeat Purchases
Change of Customer Details
Complaint and Issue Resolution
Billing Information
‘Thank You’ and Other Client-initiated information calls
Loyalty Clubs
Warranty Claim Processing
Fraud Detection/Prevention Calls
Requests for Maintenance Support
Technical Support
Identifying What the Customer Wants
Key Elements in Learning What the Customer Wants
Key Elements in Learning What the Customer Wants by Phone
Key Elements in Learning What the Customer Wants by Letter or Email
Changing Business Processes to Focus on Achieving Customers’ Needs
How to Make Business Processes work for Your Business
Make Contacting You Easy
Don’t Use Paper as a Barrier
Act on What the Customer Wants
Be Prepared
Record the Contact for Further Use
What Type of Customer Support to Provide?
What Type of Customer Service Requests will I Receive?
How Long Will Each Call Take?
What Time During the Day or Night do I Expect Contact to be Made?
How Long Will They Want to Contact Me?
What Type of Person Do I Need to Answer These Calls?
Can You Justify the Employment of a Customer Service Person
What Technology do I need?
Does the Technology Integrate with other Technology You Already Have?
Do Customers Have to Have the Same Technology to Talk to You?
Is It Mobile & Transportable?
Can You Analyse the Information in your System and Get Reports from It?
Is it Easy to Learn, Maintain and Update?
Is it Easy to Secure?
What Level of Self-Service Could Your Business Use to meet Customer Needs?
Setting Up A Customer Service Function in Your Business
Fit Technology so it can talk to other parts of the business location
Business Processes
Training Employees to be Customer-Driven
Communication Skills
Sales Skills
Product & Service Knowledge
Using Subject Matter Experts (SME’s)
Develop a Knowledge Bank
Creating an Answer Wizard
Knowledge of Business Processes
Developing Training Resources
Dealing with Customers Over the Phone
Enquiry, Complaint, Order
Follow Up Care
Follow Up By Phone & Person
Handling Complaints
Recording/Questioning/ Resolving/Implementing
Using Complaints to Build Your Business

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