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How to Collect Cash and Manage Debt

The contents of the book how to collect cash and manage debt follow;
Chapter One – Introduction
The Statistics
Some Facts We Need To Agree On
The Five Rules – A Summary
The Value of the Rules
Chapter Two – Understanding Debt
Be Consistent
Unexpected Invoice
Making A Move
Where Would Your Priority Lie
Chapter Three – Five Simple Golden Rules
Rule One - Originate A System
Rule Two - Communicate the Terms and Conditions
Rule Three - Be Very Pleasant at All Times
Rule Four - Be Clear, Firm and Polite
Rule Five -Take Charge over the Goods
Chapter Four – Collecting Debts
The Toolkit
Chapter Five – Originating a Policy
One That Works
Chapter Six – Managing Debt
New Customer Procedure
Chapter Seven – Collecting Debt
The Collection Procedure in a Nutshell
The Collection Procedure in Detail
Collection Letters
Handling Excuses
Dealing with the real reasons behind the excuses given
Chapter Eight – Using the Telephone
Useful Phrases
The First Phone Call
When a Customer says that they can’t afford the full
payment ask…
If the Customer Becomes Argumentative
Always Blame Someone/thing else
Leaving Messages
Be Persistent
When a Promise to Pay is not kept
Telephone Technique
Do the Bad Ones First
Plan Your Call
Is Now the Best Time to Call?
Maintain Accurate Records of Promises to Pay
Put Yourself in Their Position
Make It Easy for Yourself
Ask For More Than Is Reasonable
Use the 'Closed Question' Technique
The Blocker
Listening Skills
Chapter Nine – Legal Action
When All Else Fails
The Disputes Tribunal
Civil Collection Procedures
Order For Examination
Application For Consent Execution
Claim Form
Application for Warrant Execution
Application for Order Examination
Affidavit in Support For Order For Examination

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