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Interlude OOS Prevention Software

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Increasingly these days more and more work and recreation are done on the pc, laptop or tablet. It is commonly recognised that injury to hands, arms, neck and shoulders can be sustained through use of the keyboard and mouse.

The general "umbrella" term for these injuries is Occupational Overuse Syndrome also sometimes referred to as Repetitive Strain Injury. Examples of specific diagnosis include Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Tendonitis. It is now termed 'Overuse Injury'.

Serious Workplace Hazard:
The PC, laptop or tablet and associated keyboard and mouse present a serious workplace hazard. You cannot eliminate or isolate the hazard - you can only minimise the hazard. You then need to monitor the health of the employee.


The point is the painful symptoms of OOS are far easier to prevent than to cure once contracted. So following best practice it is highly advisable to introduce a prevention system enabling management to;

  • Train staff to take micro pauses, and
  • Monitor staff health and exposure to the hazard

INTERLUDE does these for you. It is simple and effective

Interlude monitors the user's pc input behaviour and recommends pauses and work breaks at varying times depending on their use. By following these simple steps and getting into the habit of pausing and stretching during use of the PC the likelihood of developing OOS symptoms can be greatly reduced and the employer will pass on a fair share of responsibility to employees.

Interlude will provide users and your safety officer with the independent monitoring tools needed.

With Interlude running the user can configure the program from the system tray.

Interlude creates a log file recording session starts and ends, number of keystrokes and mouse-clicks, and whether the user heeds the micro-pauses and rest-breaks - or not.

The frequency and length of the breaks are configurable in the user preferences screen, as is the location of the log file it creates.

The summary screen is shown if the user clicks on Interlude in the system tray.

This window shows an active key stroke count and mouse-click count. It counts down to the next micro-pause or rest-break and shows the user their typing rate as a bar graph.

This window can remain on top of all windows on the pc if set in the preferences.

Interlude is sold on a 'per seat' basis, as such 1 licence is required for each PC it is installed on.

This software is for PC only and requires Windows XP or higher. Windows 8 compatible.

.Net Framework
This software is design for the Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5
If you PC does not have this installed our software will automatically download it for you.

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