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How To Manage Workplace Stress

We have been working with leading NZ clinical psychologists and produced a very simple but effective system to identify and manage workplace stress.

- Stress is a significant workplace hazard
- Stress cannot be eliminated from the workplace
- Left unchecked can lead to mental and physical harm
- There is a duty of care on employers to look after their staff. This includes minimising all risks and hazards.

- Employers, management and business owners will be responsible for:
- Identifying stress
- Managing that stress
- Minimising stress in the workplace


This guide provides you with simple solutions to the problems employers face -
· What to do & How to do it.
· How to identify stress
· How to monitor stress - an "early warning system" - what to questions to ask,
· What actions to take
· Minimising stress - matters to consider and actions to take

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