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March 2009 Employers Newsletter

Published 01 Mar 2009
This Issue
  • KiwiSaver
  • Minimum wage
  • 90 Day Trial Period
  • Tea breaks - law change
  • Auckland Seminars
  • New Employment Agreements

KiwiSaver changes add to Employers' cost

Employers lose the Employer Tax Credit from 1st April 2009 and this has been covering most of the employer compulsory contributions...full story

Minimum wage increasing

The new minimum wage for adults is $12.50 an hour with effect from 1st April 09. The 'New Entrant' rate follows at 80% of the adult rate and will become $10.00 hourly from that date...full story

The 90 Day Trial Period

This is an ammendment to the Employment Relations Act 2000. A Trial Period is not automatic for new jobs in small businesses. It only occurs if the employer and employee agree to it...full story

Rest Breaks and Meal Intervals

The Employment Relations Act 2000 introduces from 1 April 2009 statutory entitlements to rest breaks and meal intervals. Here are the rules...full story

Auckland Seminars

Come to our Auckland seminars and learn all about the current changes and how they affect your situation

Updated Employment Agreements

Due to all the recent changes we have released new Employment Agreements throughout our existing product range. Get your new Agreements here...full story