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November Newsletter 2015

Published 10 Nov 2015
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Dismissing under Medical Incapacity

A mental health nurse was dismissed by the Wellington District Health Board for medical incapacity following eight and a half months of sick leave due to depression. A subsequent grievance based on unjustified dismissal brought by the nurse against the WDHB has been rejected by the Employment Court....full story

Public Holidays 2016

Here is the list of Public Holidays for Christmas 2015 and for the 2016 calendar year....full story

Unfair Dismissal costs $23k

An Auckland Sales Support Manager has won a $23,250 payout after her employer accused her of faking a back injury and fired her...full story

Disciplinary process in the Employers Toolbox

Discipline and dismissal procedures are all about correct process.The Employers Toolbox online contains all this information including the letters and forms to use in a correct and logical order. Here's a quick tutorial on how to use it....full story

WorkSafe prosecute Kone over death

Following a contractor's death last year Kone Elevators have been fined $50,000 and reparation payments of $91,800. Multiple failures of process, inspections and care had seen safety gear fail when a cable broke allowing a lift to plummet 16 metres causing the death of the engineering contractor working on the de-commissioning of the elevator in the Speights Brewery....full story