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October 2009 Newsletter

Published 01 Oct 2009


For the correct procedures and letter of dismissal ...full story

Employer Seminars are here

Coming to a centre near you, our seminars begin in Auckland on 14th October and run nationwide until 12th November.
These seminars are free to Employer Support Package members.

Can an employer recover money from an employee?

An Authority Hearing (ERA) determination of interest to every employer...full story

Alternatives to Redundancy

9 day fortnight. The Job Support Scheme is designed to help employees keep their jobs in this challenging economic climate... It provides an allowance to supplement the income of employees who have agreed to reduced hours at work...full story

The Impact on Employers of the New Mobile phone Ban

Many businesses rely on a mobile workforce that is able to work on the move. This usually includes the use of mobile phones and/or PDA's to keep in touch with colleagues and clients while out of the office...full story

Christmas and New Year 2009/2010

Christmas is just around the corner, it pays to plan ahead. Please see here for the hoilday days and dates...full story


Infant Feeding, Compulsory Redundancy Payouts...full story

Pooh Traps

What is procedural fairness ?...full story