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Putting Employment Agreements In Place

These document detail the process for putting employment agreements in place for existing employees and job candidates. It also includes suggested letters to be used during the process.

Why is this needed?
  • From 1st July 2011, the employer must retain a signed copy of the employee's individual employment agreement or the current terms and conditions of employment that make up the employee's individual terms and conditions of employment.
  • The Law changes constantly as a result of Acts of Parliament  and Court Cases.
  • Law changes often affect the need for putting employment agreements in place or a need for variations to employment agreements
  • During the course of employment, Employees’ Position, Package, Hours of Work, Job Description etc. can change.

Reasons for putting an employment agreement in place for an existing employee:

  • New Employment Agreement for Employee who has never had one;
  • Person who has accepted the job, but has not signed the employment agreement.

Reasons for putting a changed employment agreement in place for an existing employee:

  • Updated Employment Agreement as the Employee has a new role or the current employment agreement is out of date;
  • Introducing a variation to an existing employment agreement.

There is often resentment or suspicion from an employee when asked to sign a new employment agreement. This publication provides:

  • The suggested course of action for employers in presenting a proposed employment agreement to an existing employee:
  • How to handle the situation if an existing employee will not discuss or sign the proposed employment agreement;
  • The steps to take if the employee refuses to sign.

Sample Letters Included:

    • Letter offering new employment agreement to existing employee;
    • Letter to employee who will not sign the proposed employment agreement;
    • Letter to employee advising that the terms of the proposed employment agreement reflect the terms of their employment;
    • Letter offering variation to existing employee’s employment agreement;
    • Details of Variation to existing employment agreement.
    • Letter of condition employment (new job candidates).
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