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September 2012 Newsletter

Published 19 Sep 2012

Employer Ordered To Pay $42,000 For Not Reporting Health and Safety Incidents

Employers must report Health and Safety Incidents to the Department of Labour. Here is the case of a Company who did not report several incidents....full story

Process Error In Dismissal Of Drug User Costs Employer Over $12,000

The employer saw the employee smoking cannabis at work and dismissed the employee without following due process....full story

Judge Orders Employee To Pay Penalty For Giving Insufficient Notice

Not all decisions go the way of the Employee. In this case a chef resigns from position which required 3 months notice to be given, but only provided 2 weeks. He claimed that the Employer had unfairly bargained when the Employment Agreement was negotiated....full story

Daylight Saving Reminder

Daylight Saving starts at 3am on Sunday 30th September...full story

Holiday Entitlements For Labour Weekend

Labour Day is observed on Monday 22nd October 2012. Here is information on the law regarding public holidays....full story

Employment Contracts Creator Software Upgraded

Our Employment Contract Creator (ECC) software has been upgraded and complies with the latest Laws. It is available for purchasing from or alternatively by emailing