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Volunteers eBook

How to Engage and Discharge a Volunteer

This eBook has been written in order to formalise the relationship of volunteers in businesses. It has all the necessary documents in order to demonstrate to the Employment Relations Authority and the Employment Court that there is a volunteer relationship. Without written documentation, there is a real risk that unpaid Volunteer work will give rise to payments required under Minimum Wage Act 1983. With clear documentation, such a dispute can be avoided.

When engaging a volunteer at your workplace ensure you formalise things and protect your business by using our Volunteers Deed, or use a Candidateship Agreement if you intend to do a pre-employment trial.

eBook Contents
Determining the Volunteer Relationship           
Legislation Which Applies to Volunteers
Duty of Care in Negligence          
Reimbursement for Expenses      
Distinctions between Employees and Volunteers
Candidateship Agreement
Last Words   


  • Volunteer Deed       
  • Task Description      
  • Questionnaire Form
  • Interview Report Form        
  • Telephone Reference Check       
  • Reference Check Summary
  • Letter Offering Appointment as Volunteer
  • Letter of Engagement        
  • Personal Record/Payroll Initiation Form 
  • Induction Checklist
  • Expenses Claim Form       
  • Notice of Formal Meeting  
  • Letter of Discharge of Volunteering Duties
  • Candidateship Agreement

This eBook package contains the Book in PDF format and all the forms listed in Word. Last reviewed in August 2023.

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