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Published 01 Feb 2011

April 1st many Employment Law Changes
July 1st Employment Law Change,
Sept 9th to October 24th the Rugby World Cup
November 26th the Election.

It will benefit employers to give serious consideration to some of the effects the events listed above will have on their businesses.

Then there's the huge upswing in employees' use of networking media such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc. The production hours lost are serious - and at a time of recession when every minute is important to employers. Additionally, employees' use of the media to make disparaging remarks about their employer creating negative perceptions is causing pain and damage. It is of course then in the public domain. If employers fail to put a policy in place forbidding such behaviour (in either the employment agreement or an employee handbook) and bring it to the employee's attention, there will be weak justification for taking disciplinary action against the employee concerned. Correct procedure may not be enough. We recommend a policy and a sign off as well.

The changes to employment law (mostly April 1st) are such that it is recommended that all employers need to review their employment agreements. It will also be appropriate to introduce or reinforce company policies of 'Lateness' because the Rugby World Cup will encourage absenteeism dramatically. A policy or clause in the agreement forbidding disparaging remarks in the networking media is appropriate. In addition to this, a policy including confidentiality and forbidding the passing on of sensitive and commercially valuable information gives employers the grounds and proof of justification for disciplinary action.

If employers wish to access a package with the appropriate clauses, policies and instructions of what to do, how to do it and the tools to do it with, the "April 2011 Employers Action Pack" is available for purchase here

Employers Support Package members may download the April 2011 Employers Action Pack for free from the Library in the Employers Toolbox