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Health & Safety Inductions When Using a Contractor

Published 10 May 2016

When engaging contractors or third party firms to perform a task or job at your workplace it is prudent to review & assess the contractor from a Health & Safety point of view prior to the work taking place. This involves sighting their policies & procedures, safety records and possibly inducting them with your policies, making them aware of any risks present in your operation in relation to the tasks they are engaged to do, and documenting the fact that this has taken place.

This whole area of engaging and inducting contractors in the Employers Toolbox Health & Safety online system has just undergone a major re-vamp.

Every contractor or contractor business listed in the system now has the facility to generate, download and upload induction packs and policy manuals. When a contractor arrives at your workplace to do a job it is important that they know about any hazards or risks they could be facing during normal operation and in many instances they should be 'inducted' formally. In the Employers Toolbox this has just become simpler.

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Once you have listed the contractor firm into the system you then need to specify which departments or areas they will be working in. By simply ticking the list of departments you have listed in your business the 'Induction Pack' pack report is generated by listing all the relevant associated hazards in the respective areas, in conjunction with your Contractor Policy from the system generated Health & Safety Manual you now have Contractor Induction pack ready to download in MS Word.

Each contractor also has an area to record the fact; when they were inducted and by whom.

Depending upon the nature and frequency of contractor work on your site you may also considered requesting the Health & Safety policy of the contractor firm.

A new area in the same system is the facility to upload the contractor's documentation electronically against their record, thus keeping all your obligations for contractors in the same place securely in your online account.

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