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Farm Manager Dismissed for Alleged Drug Taking

Published 01 Dec 2009

Source - NZ Herald

A farm manager has been awarded $18,989 for unjustified dismissal. Marinus Antonisse was hired as a farm manager just before the owner went on a brief trip to Holland.

Mr Antonisse was accused of drug taking. Drug tests later proved negative. The accused suggested the owner's wife hurled physical objects and abuse at him, hired another two people who used illegal substances and failed to help with the milking and he was sent an e-mail telling him to look for another job.

The manager also says the owner's wife threatened to get her son (who was in jail) to "beat the crap" out of him. Mr Antonisse was dismissed without notice, holiday pay was not paid and sick leave was refused.

The employer's procedures of discipline and dismissal could save significant money if audited and changed to comply with existing law.

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