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Uploading documents - Employers Toolbox

Published 12 Jul 2017

Document upload and storage in the Employers Toolbox Online is available in three specific places. The idea being to allow users the ability to store relevant documents together.

1. Library

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Apart from template policies, documents and eBooks provided by Employers Assistance, there is a space for users to upload their own documents as needed.
Anything in the Library section will be available to every user with a login to their Toolbox account.

2. Staff Members

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Each staff member record has a space to upload custom documents. Each member record is distinct to the next so the documents here should pertain to that particular employee, for example a signed and scanned copy of their Employment Agreement.
Only logins with strict permissions to staff files get to see or download these files.

3. Agreement Uploads

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In the Agreements section of the Toolbox, there is also a generic area for uploads. Users may wish to keep templates or precedent documents relating to recruitment/Agreements here.
This area is unavailable for all logins without strict 'Agreement' permissions. Therefore users without Agreement permissions cannot see or download anything stored here.

4. Performance Uploads

In exactly the same vein as Agreement uploads, the Performance module has a similar upload section.
The intention is to allow relevant documents to be stored in a centralised location. Once again if a user login does not have permission to access the Performance section, they cannot see of download anything stored here.

There are also various places in the Health & Safety module for specific uploads. While these are technically the same in functionality and features they are specific in intention, for example;  Hazardous Substances has an upload area for Material Data sheets, and Meetings allows the upload of 'minutes' documents.

All these facilities for upload are included with every Employers Toolbox account. There is no limit on the size or number of uploads, and most standard file formats are acceptable.

Subscribers to the Employers Toolbox can have multiple logins for their Toolbox account. Managing permission for logins is provided by Employers Assistance staff, it is a free service for all members. For more information on this please contact us.