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Health & Safety Emergency Procedures

Published 10 Sep 2015

Emergencies can strike anywhere at any time. They are part of life and often occur in the workplace.

Does your business have plans and procedures in place? Do your staff know what to do and how to act in certain situations?

Most emergencies are predictable and businesses need to have plans in place and train staff for these events.

This is part of your Health & Safety obligations.

Some common situations buinesses are expected to have a plan for are; fire, flood, evacuations, spills, explosions, robbery, earthquakes. This is by no means an exhaustive list.

Emergency procedures need to be originated, communicated to staff and accessible at the workplace in prominent places.

Review them at least annually, and after every emergency situation. Lack of emergencies does not mean your Emergency Procedures are working effectively.

Our Health & Safety online application provides basic procedures for common emergencies and a centralised respository for management.

Emergency procedures are an essential part of your Health & Safety obligations in the workplace . With the new Act now passed the regulations are about to get longer and better policed by WorkSafe NZ.

If you haven't got systems in place or are unsure about what you should be doing take a moment to demo our cloud based system as part of the Employers Toolbox. Get a managed online system that will allow you to cover your obligations, alert you when actions need taking minimising your risks of workplace accidents and getting caught by WorkSafe for non compliance.