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Employers Toolbox Alerts

Published 01 Aug 2021

In your Employers Toolbox account you can create one-off and annually recurring alerts to get reminders for important HR events and dates.

Alerts can be set from the Dashboard, staff member records or your Alerts Configuration screen under Settings. There is an option on alerts to get them emailed to you also.


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Alerts appear on the Employers Toolbox Dashboard as a list, and also as a list on the Health & Safety homepage. Health & Safety homepage shows only Health & Safety related Alerts (OSH), the Dashboard list includes all alerts due (or overdue), based on your settings.

Emailed alerts are sent either weekly or daily depending upon your configuration in these settings, and can be sent to multiple addresses. There is also the option to vary the amount of days in advance to be notified for the events, by default this is set to 7 days.

Staff Birthdays and work anniversaries are automatically alerted by the system unless you remove the tick enabling these.

Other alerts which appear apparently automatically are generated from various modules within the Employers Toolbox. For example, Health & Safety assessments or performance review reminders will appear in the alert list if over due based on selections within those modules. These alerts will always have a link in message which takes the user to the relevant item which is causing the alert.

Alert emails always have an unsubscribe link at the foot of the email. Actioning that link changes your email preferences accordingly in your Alert Settings screen in the system. Reinstating those settings will effectively 're-subscribe' you to those emails again.