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Variation Agreements - Toolbox Update

Published 09 Feb 2020

When a significant change occurs in the terms and conditions to an employment relationship it should be reflected with a variation agreement to document the change.

We are often asked whether a new Employment Agreement should be undertaken in these circumstances, and also frequently see no action being taken at all.

You don't need to reissue an entire Employment Agreement to reflect a basic change to the terms and conditions, but it is highly recommended that changes do get documented in what we call a Variation Agreement, and while this is nothing new, we have just made it a lot easier to do this using our HR platform - Employers Toolbox.

A Variation Agreement template has been introduced to the Agreement builder section of your Employers Toolbox.

It's very simply a framework to officially outline the changes with the required references to make it all legal and binding. Being part of the Agreement builder also means now it can be eSigned quickly by both parties, no more bits of paper to print, sign and lose.

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This template is now live in your Employers Toolbox account already.