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Toolbox update - Custom emails

Published 24 May 2021

The Employers Toolbox now offers users the ability to use their own email templates.

Several functions within our cloud HR platform generate outbound emails. For example Performance Review invitations, eSigning document requests and Health & Safety incident reports all raise outbound emails from the system.

Until now, those emails were branded as Employers Toolbox email with our look and feel including logos and contact information.

Users can now change and customise this to their own brand, if preferred.

In the Toolbox settings you now have an Email Template feature with a full HTML editor to create or upload a custom HTML email template to maintain your brand consistency with every outbound email from the system.

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Worth noting, creating responsive, cross platform compliant HTML email designs can be a science on its own. HTML coding skills are required. Our IT team can help in this regard if you don't have support in that area.