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Toolbox updates

Published 20 Oct 2019

Your Employers Toolbox has a couple of layout changes you should be aware of.

The Staff section has effectively swapped with Recruitment. Our research shows clients use staff management far more than the recruitment resources and as such we have traded the two positions; Staff now has it's own tab, thus saving users the extra click to go via the Dashboard, and Recruitment is accessible from the centre of the Dashboard. Please see the image below for exact locations.

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The Library section has also changes to the organisation of documents and the layout. We have separated out policies. Previously all our policies were in a zip file, but you can now access them individually and makes it far easier to search and reference them.

So the Library is still found on the Dashboard, still contains our eBooks & resource documents, it still offers you unlimited upload storage space, but also now has a page for policies individually listed.

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Thank you to all our clients whose feedback and efforts assist us in the continual improvement to our cloud platform.