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Employment Agreement Updates

Published 01 Aug 2021

Our Employment Agreement templates have been updated.

Employer paid sick leave entitlement increased from 5 to 10 days Saturday 24th July 2021.

While you don't necessarily need to go and update all existing employees employment agreements, you should use accurate templates reflecting the correct legislation going forwards. If you're unsure of the effect of the sick leave changes please see this article:

We have also taken this opportunity to roll out many changes to our templates which have been occurring in case law, our recommended best practice and legislation throughout the recent months.

  • Rain offs
  • Confidentiality of remuneration
  • Sick leave
  • Bereavement Leave
  • Employee to keep Employer informed of health
  • Employee eligibility to work in NZ
  • Suspension
  • Employee Protection Provision
  • Pandemics & disease
  • Smoke free Environments
  • Force Majeure

All the above clauses have been already updated in our Employment Agreement templates in the Employers Toolbox, non members should be aware our Word templates and a new version of the PC software Employment Contracts Creator software 2.25 is also now available.