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Toolbox update - Employment Type

Published 25 May 2020

A new feature to the Employers Toolbox is the status of a staff member to have an Employment Type.

By employment type,he intention is to describe the employment relationship status such as casual, permanent, contractor and such like.

We have made this an expandable and definable list so you can use it for your own categories also if desired.

On the staff member's profile screen you'll notice the new dropdown list labelled Employment Type.

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By default contains a few pre-loaded options, but you can add your own. From your settings screen there is a new option to manage these Employment Types. You can add as many as you need, and employment type is just our label, you can use this for whatever categorisation you want.

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This employment type status is in no way linked to Employment Agreements and as such it is up to the user to mange this categorisation.

For people wanting to sort and manage their staff list on this status we suggest to use the 'Report' option on the staff screen to output staff data to Excel for manipulation.

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