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Electronic Signing Employment Agreements

Published 04 Dec 2017

Wanting a more paperless office? Good news for you.

The electronic signing of Employment Agreements, Independent Contractor Agreements and handbooks for our cloud based Employers Toolbox will be available in the new year.

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Employment Agreements can be signed electronically and be legally binding under the Contract and Commercial Law Act 2017.

To this end we have developed an online system to facilitate this process for your Employment Agreements created using our online software.

Through the Employers Toolbox you will have the option to securely email your completed Agreements to your prospective candidates for electronic signing online.
The entire process is done in the cloud and stored securely in your Toolbox account.

The intention is also to extend this functionality to other documents within the Employers Toolbox in the future such as training records and bonds, variation agreements, contractor agreements and many more.

This feature is due to be rolled out early January 2018 and will automatically become available to all users with a current Employers Toolbox cloud account.