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February 2024 Employers Newsletter

Published 16 Feb 2024
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Abandonment of Employment

We often field calls from frustrated employers wishing to terminate staff for abandoning their employment, whereupon on following a short discussion it prevails that abandonment of employment is not the case at all....full story

Building Apprentice Unjustifiably Dismissed Following Incident with a Nail Gun

A new apprentice builder had a verbal altercation, threatened his foreman with a nailgun, got terminated and awarded $10k for unfair dismissal....full story

Can't hide behind a Trust

Recently the High Court has defined its position on individuals or companies potentially hiding behind trusts and avoiding accountability in the context of Health & Safety...full story

Employers Toolbox Incident Reporting

QR Poster
Download your company Health & Safety QR Poster, engaging with your workers giving them the ability to report incidents and hazards quickly and easily through their phones.
...full story