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How to Prevent Occupational Overuse Syndrome (OOS)

OOS (Occupational Overuse Syndrome) is often known as RSI (Repetition Strain Injury), and the term is misleading as it has been found that it is not necessarily the repetition or rapid movements that cause the condition. It is a prolonged and sustained muscle contraction that causes the problems.
So, the medical and health profession then began to use the term Occupational Overuse Syndrome. However as the condition is not necessarily work related the condition is referred to as OVERUSE INJURY.

Recently updated in line with the new Health & Safety at Work Act 2015 OOS is regarded as a serious injury and is a notifiable event as far as WorkSafe NZ is concerned.

As an Employer or manager you need to know what to do when your staff begin to suffer from the effects of OOS and have an effective treatment and avoidance plan in place.

This publication offers a detailed discussion on the topic and systems to put in place to deal with the issue in the workplace.

- Prevent the Injury
- Avoid the Prosecution
- Avoid Employees Suing
- Increase Staff Productivity
- Manage OOS
- Enhance Employment Relations
- Passes Responsibility Back to Employees                                     

The contents of the book How to Prevent OOS follow;

Employers Responsibilities
Workstation Setup
Contract Clauses

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