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Changes to the Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV)

Published 21 Apr 2024

The Government is making changes to the Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV).

For new AEWV job applications, for all jobs which are not on the green list, or paid at least twice the median wage ($63.22) there is now:

  • Higher work experience and qualification requirements, including the requirement for a migrant worker to provide 3 years' evidence of their relevant experience or qualifications.
  • Proven increased standard of English for people applying for work in roles that are ANZSCO skill level 4 and 5;
  • A shorter stay in New Zealand for some migrant workers working in specific roles.

Other changes include:

  • The requirement from 7 April 2024 for new AEWV’s to be issued with condition requiring employers to employ migrant workers for a least 30 hours per week, or face revocation of their accreditation.
  • Employers who are investigated for any breach of their accreditation may have their accreditation suspended.
  • Increased obligations for jobs at ANZSCO level 4 and 5 (advertise for 21 days – rather than 14 days, engage with Work and Income & declarations about why any New Zealanders that applied were not hired).
  • Advising Immigration New Zealand if a migrant worker under a AEWV leaves employment a month or more before their visa expires.

For more information see the following link published by Immigration New Zealand:

In summary, the changes mean that an employer must meet more requirements at the accreditation, Job Check stage and during the accreditation period when hiring new migrant workers under AEWV. Obviously these changes present far higher barriers to entry for migrant workers and all in all will cause more lengthy delays in hiring a willing worker from overseas.

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