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Are You Confident That Your Employees Are Fit For Work?

Published 01 Jan 2014

Employers unfortunately face issues with staff members coming to work ‘worse for wear’ because of over consumption the night before.  For many Employers this poses a really serious health and safety question -  how do you know whether the Employee is still ‘under the influence’? 

Drug and Alcohol testing is becoming increasingly more common in NZ workplaces, and the starting point is to implement a policy.

For more information on drug testing your staff please see our system of Drug and Alcohol testing. This is available to Employer Support Package members in the Employers Toolbox.

Although we suggest seeking advice before implementing a Drug and Alcohol Policy, we would particularly suggest Employers turn their mind to the following issues:

(a)  Will this policy apply to Employees and contractors?

(b)  Will a zero tolerance to drugs and alcohol be enforced or will alcohol to a certain level be acceptable?

(c)  What will the Employer’s position be in relation to synthetic drugs?

(d)  Does the Employer have the right to implement random drug testing?

(e)  What will the consequences be if there is a positive result?

As with any policy, for a Drug and Alcohol Policy to be enforceable Employees must have been consulting with, read and understood the Policy - and in most cases there should be consultation with Employees before the final version of the policy is implemented.