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Induct your Contractors

Published 16 Oct 2022

If you engage a contractor or third party firm to perform a task or job at your workplace you should at least consider the Health & Safety consequences of doing so, and as such an induction may be advisable.

Depending upon the work taking place, it may be prudent to review & assess the contractor's operation from a Health & Safety point of view prior to the work taking place. This could involve sighting their policies & procedures, considering the risk or hazards they may be introducing, their safety records and possibly inducting them with your policies, making them aware of any risks present in your business in relation to the tasks they are engaged to do. And of course, documenting the fact that this has taken place, by whom and when.

There is a section in the Employers Toolbox Health & Safety online system to assist you in this.

When you add a contractor to your Toolbox, if you list the departments in which they are working, the system will automatically create an induction pack for them which includes our recommended Health & Safety policy statement, contractor induction policy and procedure, and any and all hazards from your risk register in those departments.

The document is branded with your profile information and downloads to Word format.

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Each contractor loaded in the system also has an area to record the when they were inducted and by which staff member.

Depending upon the nature and frequency of contractor work on your site you may also considered requesting the Health & Safety policy of the contractor firm.

There is also the facility to upload the contractor's documentation electronically against their record, thus keeping all your contractor records in the same place securely in your cloud account.