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Matariki the new Public Holiday is here

Published 20 Jun 2022

The first Matariki Public Holiday is upon us. Friday 24 June 2022. New Zealand's twelfth annual Public Holiday will always be recognised on a Friday although the date will change from year to year.

The dates have already been set for the next 30 years. Future Matariki holiday dates were set by the advisory board, please see this document for more information on those.

It is a standard Public Holiday in every respect and the normal rules apply;

  • Any employee working on the day must be paid 1.5 x rates for the hours actually worked, and, if it is an otherwise working day (day normally worked), an entire day in lieu (alternative holiday).
  • Public holidays are generally recognised to run from midnight to midnight. Any work undertaken in those hours, providing it is an otherwise working day for the employee concerned, qualifies for an entire day in lieu.
  • Payment for taking a Public holiday or day in lieu (alternative holiday) should be made at the employee's relevant daily pay, or average daily pay if applicable.

Following this, the next Public Holiday is Labour Day on Monday, 24 October.