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Health & Safety Toolbox Reporting

Published 17 Mar 2015

Reports in the Health & Safety module of the Employers Toolbox have been modified and streamlined for better ease of use and accessibility.

Aside from the Health & Safety Manuals and systems there are numerous reports throughout the module which are generally accessible from their respective areas in the H & S module.

We have added a new page to bring a lot of these reports together in one place. From the Health & Safety Homepage we have added a new menu item 'Reports'

Health & Safety reports

From here you have a lot of the more familiar reports like Hazard Register and some new ones also such as Staff Training Due. Future reports will also be listed in this new page.

If you are considering implementing a Health & Safety management system for your workplace, it's worth having an obligation free look at our online systems to see if they suit your business; Health and Safety Online.