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Newsletter March 2017

Published 01 Mar 2017
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Employing Immigrants

New measures to stop employers who breach immigration and employment law from recruiting further migrant workers. Penalties and stand-down periods are on the way....full story

Rotorua is Trading This Easter

Rotorua is the first district in NZ to give the green light to trading over Easter this year.

In August 2016 the Government amended the Shop Trading Hours Act 1990 to give power to local councils to permit trading if desired.

Good Friday remains a Public Holiday, but Easter Sunday has always been a non-trading day, not a Public Holiday (April 16th this year). Therefore now if a (Rotorua) business wishes to open, it is considered a normal trading day.

Rotorua Chamber of Commerce interim chief executive Allison Lawton said a survey of members saw 89 per cent surveyed in support of the policy to open for trade.

However, the union that represents retail workers has stated they will be keeping a close eye on local employers, saying if any of its members are coerced into working it will be taking action.

Job Description Builder

A new feature to the Job Descriptions area of the Employers Toolbox is the Job Description Builder. Aside from the hundreds of samples to choose from, users are now offered a framework by which to construct their own comprehensive Position Descriptions from scratch....full story

Daylight Saving Ends Sunday April 2

This year Daylight Saving ends on Sunday 2nd April.  At 3.00am clocks are put back one hour to 2.00am.

Under the Time Act 1974, employees who are working during the time when Daylight Saving ends will work an additional hour and should get paid any extra hours worked.

Daylight Saving begins again on Sunday September 25th 2017.

ACC Workplace Safety Programmes Ending

The ACC have ended their Workplace Safety & Management Practices (WSMP) programme and now Workplace Safety Discount (WSD) scheme is also coming to an end this April 1st 2017. 10 years since its introduction, the system is now deemed 'not fit for purpose' citing changes in legislation post Health & Safety At Work 2015, and therefore is being revoked....full story