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Job Description Builder

Published 01 Mar 2017

A new feature to the Job Descriptions area of the Employers Toolbox is the Job Description Builder.

Aside from the hundreds of samples to choose from, users are now offered a framework by which to construct their own comprehensive position descriptions from scratch.

The software guides the user through all the usual expected content of the Job Description such as title, reports to, purpose etc, but also guides the user to focus on what key results a position is set out to achieve for the business.

It's commonly recognised that purposeful, relevant and accurate Job Descriptions produce far better results for all concerned including the benefit of the business, and provide a tangible basis for performance management in the future.

The interface to add Job Descriptions into Employment Agreement schedules has also been simplified. When the user is in the schedule screen 'Add' offers all saved Job Description and templates rather than a blank schedule first.

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This new feature has been rolled out to all Toolbox accounts already. The Dashboard 'Search Jobs' button will take users through to the familiar screen with the addition of the new tab for 'Templates' and the introduction of 'NEW' button to get creating at the top.

For those who don't have an Employers Toolbox account, consider looking at the online demo to see how having a centralised cloud based HR system could benefit and help protect your business. Take the demo