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Employers Toolbox updates

Published 21 Oct 2020

Performance Reviews

Staff Performance Reviews have undergone a minor functionality and interface upgrade.

A cleaner and simpler builder has been rolled out in the past week aiming at a more intuitive interface.

The KPI and Question sections in the builder now have optional include/exclude tick boxes to allow the user to quickly and easily opt items out without having the permanently delete them. This helps in simplifying the build process particularly around templates allowing more flexibility and speed of administration.

The KPIs and Questions have been separated out in the build section for clarity, now both having a specific step in the progress bar. This makes no difference at the review stage of course.

KPIs, like Questions, are now numbered also at the review stage. Simple incremental numbers are added when reviewing for ease of reference.


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Health & Safety - Incidents and hazards

Any incident or accident in the Health & Safety system needs to be related to a hazard which caused the problem. If you don't link an incident to a hazard the system will raise a notification to alert you to this also.

Incidents and accidents now have the ability to be linked to multiple hazards. Previously you could only link any given incident or accident to one hazard, this constraint has now been lifted. Individual incident reports and the Health & Safety manual in general have been updated to reflect these changes.

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Health & Safety - Emergency drills

There is now the facility to upload files to an emergency drill record. If you have a third party undertaking drill training for you the chances are you receive an electronic report in these instances. You can simply upload them on your drill record now rather than re-typing or storing them elsewhere.

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