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October Newsletter 2015

Published 11 Oct 2015
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Employee awarded $6,000 after running up $23,000 phone bill and returning late from holiday

He did not seek approval for or notify his employer of his planned late return from an overseas holiday. The $23,000 company mobile phone bill was mainly network roaming charges whilst he was overseas. He was subsequently dismissed....full story

Zero Hours Contracts in New Bill

Workplace Relations Minister Michael Woodhouse has submitted 'The Employment Standards Legislation Bill' through Parliament that will look at banning Zero Hours Contracts....full story

Holiday Entitlements for Labour Day 2015

Labour Day is observed on Monday 26th October 2015. Here is information on the law relating to Employees' holiday and pay entitlements....full story...full story

IRD Mileage Rates

A recent review of the Commissioner's mileage rate, results in a reduction to the rate from 77 to 74 cents per kilometre for both petrol and diesel fuel vehicles for the 2015 income year, applicable to those who travel for less than 5000 km per year.

Health and Safety at Work Act 2014 - the PCBU

Duty holders under the new Act are clearly defined. The PCBU; Personal Conducting a Business or Undertaking. The Act also introduces the concept of Officers....full story

20% off membership

20% discount
Until Nov 30th new Employers Support Package memberships are discounted by 20%. ...more...