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Zero Hours Contracts in New Bill

Published 11 Oct 2015

Workplace Relations Minister Michael Woodhouse has submitted 'The Employment Standards Legislation Bill' through Parliament that will look at banning Zero Hours Contracts.

If the Bill is successful Employers will need to specify the minimum hours they can offer an Employee. Sanctions on Employers would also be imposed for breaching the standards set out in the new Bill. Other proposals in the Bill look to expand Parental Leave to those on casual or seasonal agreements and to tighten the rules around deductions from Employee's pay packets.

'Availability provisions' will be included, such as proposals for compensation if an Employee doesn't make themselves available for work, but it is not clear how this will turn out. Employees may have to give notice that they are not available and an employee could not be banned for taking on secondary work. As the Bill progresses these issues will no doubt be ironed out.

There is no indication how long the Bill will take to be scrutinised or if it will even make it through the legislative process. We will have to wait and see!