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Employers Toolbox and Office 365

Published 15 Nov 2019

With the Employers Toolbox you can now connect to Microsoft Office 365 and download your users directly into the Staff Management section.

You will need your Office 365 account administrator to sign in for the correct privileges, but following that within moments you can have your entire staff loaded in the Toolbox with all personal information you already have in Office 365.

Quick guide

Once logged in to your Employers Toolbox account, click on the Staff tab, then the blue IMPORT button at the top.

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 You are presented with 2 options; Upload your own CSV file, or connect to Office 365.

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By clicking Office 365 you will be redirected to the Office 365 website to login in. This login needs to be an Office 365 account with administrator privileges because it gives access to all user's personal details on your account.

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Once successfully logged in, the Employers Toolbox requests all user details and displays them in a grid for selecting back in the Toolbox.

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You can choose as many or as few users to import and also as much information as is presented from your Office 365 account. You can choose to import information like names, emails, addresses and birthdays, provided you have this information in Office 365 to begin with.

Once imported there is no on going connection to Office 365, the information you select is copied and stored in your Employers Toolbox cloud account and can be downloaded to your device also at any point.