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Do Your Performance Reviews Online

Published 09 Mar 2020

Getting staff involved with setting their own goals and objectives is a great way for getting them engaged, motivated and committed to the company and their role within the organisation. A happy Employee is generally a productive Employee. This is one of the benefits to undertaking regular performance reviews with your staff.

Our online performance reviews have just been upgraded. More features and flexibility has been built into our latest Performance Reviews online platform, including the ability to eSign reviews.

We have now introduced the ability to add an introduction to your performance reviews. The review creator is optionally allowed an unlimited free text space to add a narrative to the beginning of their reviews. This text appears at the start of the review when being completed by both parties, and on the finished report also.

All Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in your reviews now automatically offer both parties the ability to make comment on each KPI if desired. Upon completing a KPI the user if offered an optional free text space for feedback each time.

In much the same way as our Employment Agreements you can opt to eSign the review by both parties which applies digital signatures and stores it online.

Any saved review can be eSigned from either the Performance home page or the 'Finish' page on an open review:

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All the features are live on your Employers Toolbox account now.