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Pre-employment questionnaires in Employers Toolbox

Published 23 Jan 2024

One of the most important steps in the hiring process is getting job applicants to complete an appropriate and relevant pre-employment questionnaire. This should be completed by an job applicant well in advance of an employer making any formal offers of employment.

As part of a robust screening and decision making process, employers need to know as much as possible about the person they are considering for a role which is potentially permanent with them.

Too often we see this step either missed entirely, not done thoroughly enough, or paperwork lost after the event. Failure to complete thorough due diligence on a prospective employee can lead to myriad of problems, including costly personal grievance claims and employment litigation, which are entirely avoidable. Just as you would do careful due diligence before you purchase a house, or car - employers should do appropriate checks before offering employment. 

A feature in the Employers Toolbox not only fills this gap for you, but allows your company to strengthen its pre-employment hiring practices by providing an online solution & enhancing your own brand in the process.

In the recruitment section of the Employers Toolbox ('Go Recruit' on the Dashboard), you can send out invites for job applicants to complete your pre-employment questionnaire online and upload their CV.

By default you have our recommended pre-employment questionnaire ready to go, branded with your company name and logo, but it is fully customisable with your own content and email template if you prefer.

Pre-employment questionnaires completed this way are automatically stored in the recruitment section of your Employers Toolbox account, along with the CV if the applicant uploaded one. If you proceed with the hire of an applicant, then a single click of a button creates their new staff record and automatically stores their pre-employment questionnaire and CV on their HR personnel record.

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Undertaking pre-employment screening (and not losing the documentation) is paramount in making good hire decisions and potentially critical if you subsequently suspect your new hire may have embellished their skills, experience, or failed to disclose important information when the cracks start to show!

If you wish to learn more about the pre-employment questionnaire functionality on the Employers Toolbox please see our full help file here:, or just get in touch with our team for a chat or a Teams session.