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Risk Assessments in the Employers Toolbox

Published 08 Mar 2016

As part of our ongoing system upgrade for the Health & Safety at Work changes an additional feature has been added to hazard reviews; Injury Risk Assessment matrix.

The 7x7 risk matrix gives the user a framework to gauge likelihood vs severity of injuries with hazards.

This style and method is commonly used throughout Australia and UK and recognised as an effective tool in the risk assessment cycle.

The regulations of the new Health & Safety at Work Act also specifically talk about the necessity for management to assess the risk of all hazards in terms of likelihood and consequences.

As part of your continual assessment of risk at work each time you do a hazard review we recommend using this tool to monitor the risk through time. Every assessment you record in the Employers Toolbox gives you the opportunity to record this rating using the matrix and includes the results in the reports it produces.

There are more changes in the pipeline about Risk Assessment. The concept of 'Eliminate, Isolated or minimise' are changing. We will announce our solutions next month.

For more information on risk assessments with the Employers Toolbox please refer to our previous newsletter article : osh-hazard-assessments-new-aug-2015-newsitem.aspx, or to find out more about our cloud based Health & Safety product please click here.