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Toolbox update - Discipline & Dismissal

Published 17 Apr 2021

The latest updates to the Employers Toolbox include a revamp of the Discipline module.

When it comes to disciplinary procedures including termination of employment, what is commonly recognised as a fair process has not changed in many years. Our legal team update the words and content of our letters and documents with legislative changes and best practice continually through time as Court decisions change the way we need to word things for the better.

The latest Employers Toolbox update are functionality changes to the user interface for the discipline module, that means the screens you see and functions available throughout.

There is now a far richer document editor which allows extensive formatting of the letters and includes your company logo.


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Reverting to process steps and escalating to the next event is now also much easier. Extensive help notes on the various types of disciplinary issues have been expanded and are now also available in the relevent places throughout the disciplinary process.

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As usual you can link all disciplinary documents to staff members in order to keep personnel files private and easier to find on the system.

Any letters saved on your system from the old format will be opened in the previous interface which is still fully supported. Only newly generated documents appear with the new functions.

Exporting to MS Word (docx) format is also now supported for all outputs from the module.