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Updated Employment Agreements

Published 20 Jun 2022

Following another year of rapid change for anyone in business, it has never been more important and difficult to follow the ever-changing and new scenarios presented with the business climate and requirements presented by a Government pivoting to adapt.

Our Employment Agreements have changed accordingly. Not only to new legislation, but also to our recommend 'best practice', based on precedent cases and new case law.

We strongly recommend you read and consider the changes keeping in mind the applicability to your business scenarios and practices.

The changes consist of;
  • Government subsidy application approval;
  • Protected Disclosure Act 2022;
  • Failure to work notice period;
  • Deduction clauses;
  • Continuous Employment definition;
  • Work rain-offs;
  • Working Easter Sunday;
  • Staff media/image approval;
  • Jury Service;
  • Public Holidays;

All our Employment Agreement templates including the Employee Handbook have been updated.

Our template agreements in the Employers Toolbox have already been updated accordingly, our Word Templates and Employment Contracts Creator software have also been updated and we recommend considering updating those respectively.