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Hiding the Vax Track on Employers Toolbox

Published 04 Oct 2023

It would appear to be safe to say that we are thankfully through the COVID-19 pandemic, and the governmental mandated requirements are a thing of the past.
One of the features we added to the Employers Toolbox back in 2021 was the 'Vax Tracker' (

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The Vax Tracker enabled you to monitor and manage your compliance with staff's COVID-19 vaccination records.

This is just a reminder that you may wish to turn your vax trackers off now, and thus remove it from your Dashboard in the Employers Toolbox if you wish.

To do this you simply remove the tick from the Vax Track tick box in the Staff Settings.

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Turning this feature off does not remove or delete any data at all, it simply does not display the visual gauge on the Dashboard. You can still get to the report by clicking the icon next to the tick box if you need to.