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Working through Alert Level 3

Published 04 May 2020

New Zealand Alert Level was reduced back to level 3 as from Midnight Monday 27th April 2020. Businesses which are able to operate under level 3 conditions may start back then.

Working under Alert Level 3 is still very restricted and businesses are required to take steps to protect staff and minimise infection risks. To this end you are strongly recommended to implement and strictly adhere to a 'return to work plan' including what Health & Safety measures you are practicing to achieve this.

Contact tracing of staff and public interactions is required under level 3 and businesses need to have systems in place to record such movements.

In the Employers Toolbox our free Visitor Portal web app can act as your staff movement register and in the Library section we have created some templates for your return to work plans and Health & Safety guides to use in both your workplace and for staff who remain working from their homes.

Working under Alert Level 3 still has very strict rules and compliance issues to deal with. Businesses must demonstrate how they are complying and monitoring the situation ongoing.

All usual Employment Law requirements remain in place throughout this pandemic crisis.

  • Public Holidays - same rules apply as usual even if you're using the Government Wage subsidy.
  • Changing staff hours or pay needs to be agreed to in writing.
  • If you're facing a long term downturn in work you are entitled to organise your staffing requirements accordingly, but there is a clear process for redundancy required.
  • If you are back to work and staff are required to work, but refuse, you aren't necessarily required to pay them, even if you are receiving a wage subsidy.

We have created a series of documents and templates for you to use in all these scenarios. Download your Return to Work Pack from your Employers Toolbox and stay safe and compliant.

Non members can purchase these templates here: